A blog about owning an African Grey Parrot for the first time.



  1. Hi everyone.

    I knew when Laura and Neil emailed me for the first time about which parrot would be the best fit for their family, I was going to enjoy working with these people if they choose Feather Focus!

    They asked awesome questions, they were very educated and knowledgeable with what things are acceptable and which things were off limits such a teflon pans etc. I was so impressed and was hoping when they decided which parrot was the best fit for for their family, they would come back to Feather Focus. They did and I am so thankful I could make their dreams come true.

    My vet calls and asks me questions about birds at times too. I love helping people and the best advice I can give is from personal experiene from over 15 years in the bird buisness with hands on training and research.

    Thank you to the Vitro’s for providing this great avenue for new grey owners as well as the seasoned ones. You can never learn too much. Knowing what I know about the Vitro’s, this will be top notch information and will be a joy to follow Mozart.

    Deb Even
    Feather Focus

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