Posted by: vitrolm | July 14, 2011

The Hydrophobic Bowl Bather

As you may know, African Grey Parrots produce a lot of dust, and need frequent drenching showers to have healthy feathers and skin. Frequent baths are also important for keeping the dust allergies down. I first tried offering Mozart a big crock of warm water. She responded by pooping in the water. 🙂

The first time I tried to spray Mozart, she flew over to a lamp and pooped on the lamp shade. It’s clear this bird is repelled by water (as I jokingly labeled her hydrophobic).  An article by Pamela Clark called “But He Doesn’t Like It” helped me regain the courage to keep trying the bath. The only way to get her to take a bath would be to spray her while she’s in her cage. This is one pissed off wet bird:


Wet, silly, parrot. She hated being sprayed with her bottle for her morning shower, so she goes to the playtop and drenched herself in her water bowl…


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