Posted by: vitrolm | July 3, 2011

Day 2: Sweet Birdie Kisses

Saturday, June 25th, 2011 was Mozart’s first FULL day home.

Here’s the message board post I made:

“Things are so wonderful today! She’s been kept in the room with her cage, and I’ve moved both of her playstands in there with her. She happily flies back and forth between stands, plays with foot toys I give her, eats, drinks, and squeaks little baby sounds. She stretches and preens. She has accepted head scratches from Neil, Myself, Neil’s mom, my mom, and my mom’s friend (and LOVED it). She kept putting her head down for more scratches. She’s let Neil pet her all the way down the wings. If you make a kissy face at her, she puts her beak up to your face and gives little licks, but I told everyone to not let her lick the mouth since human saliva is not good for them.

She has eaten a lot of the Hagan’s tropimix now, but turned down cooked broccoli tonight. She likes nutriberries as a treat, but they are not enough to motivate her to step up. I’m going to have to break that one down to approximations with a smaller treat once I find what she loves. I imagine that’ll get much better over time as she trusts us more, too.

No crashes today! Smiley I’ll let her get used to one room at a time.”




  1. Glad things are going so well. Patience is the key to most everything in life it seems. Love you and Neil and Mozart!

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