Posted by: vitrolm | July 2, 2011

Birdie Grey Supplies


The first thing we bought for our Grey was a cage. I searched so many sites on the internet for days and days, looking for the best and biggest cage for the cheapest price. I looked on craigslist, too. I even posted on a message board to get advice.  Neil and his Mom ended up getting a cage for my birthday (February 2, 2011) from The Aviarium because they gave us a good deal on a big cage.

The cage is a A&E Playtop 48″x36″x76″, and here are some pictures of it in our home:



Most of the toys that we bought came from the Atlanta Bird Fair. The fair had such a good selection and better prices than in the store. Since fairs can be a breeding ground for bird diseases, we washed all of the toys in a sanitizing cycle in the dishwasher. We bought pine wood toys, foraging toys, leather straps, shredding toys, and foot toys.

Mozart seems to like her foot toys the best so far:



One play stand we bought from the fair, and the other one we made. For the home made one, we got natural wood from a friend who was trimming some trees. We verified we could use Birch by referencing a bird safe woods website. Most of the supplies such as the pine base, the stainless steel screws, and the wheels were bought at Home Depot or Lowes. We had to order stainless steel screw eyes online  since none of the stores we tried had small enough stainless steel hooks to hang toys from. This was important as Zinc is toxic to birds.

The Purchased Stand:                The Home-Made Stand: 



Mozart, just like a baby, needed everything here before she came home.  In addition to everything above, we needed a variety of different perches, an Aviator Harness, a humidifier, a spray bottle, newspaper to line the cage bottom, a small sleep cage, and a lot of food.


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