Posted by: vitrolm | July 2, 2011

Birdie Blog Intro

Mozart is our female African Grey Parrot, and she has been home for a week now. Mozart, a female? Yep, lots of greys have names that are mixed up like that since you can’t tell the sex by looking at them. We picked the name before we knew if she was a boy or a girl, and the name stuck. If you call “her” a “he,” she doesn’t really care. 🙂

First thing’s first — How did we get here?  When Neil and I decided we wanted to have a companion parrot, I did a search on the internet for a good quality breeder. I found Deb Even of Feather Focus and emailed her asking for advice on how to decide what bird would be right for us. I also emailed LOCAL breeders and got no response! Deb responded with a ton of great information and questions.

After days and hours of research (reading, talking to bird people, watching videos, etc.), we decided to take the plunge with an African Grey Parrot.  We adore their intelligence, mimicking abilities, sense of humor, independent nature, noise level, and looks.

In this blog I hope to highlight how we prepared to bring home our first bird as well as detail the experiences as a Grey owner.



  1. Fantastic story Laura, You are certainly my choice for “Poster Parront of the year” you did all your research,homework,and extensive hours of asking questions before you decided on Mozart, I wish everyone who decides to take in a companion bird would do their research as you have and maybe we wouldn’t have the sad stories out there that we have.. Great job and thank you so much for sharing your story and experiences with us, I look forward to watching your relationship grow with Mozart and knowing the Love that is still yet to come from having a Grey in your home.. God Bless–> Sherrie

  2. Great read 😉

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